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Welcome to the Lab

Welcome to the Lab

What we study


refers to both (1) the ideology that races are populations of people whose physical differences are linked to significant cultural and social differences and that these innate hierarchical differences can be measured and judged and (2) the micro- and macro-level practices that subordinate those races believed to be inferior.


is an economic system that maximizes profit for capitalists through the exploitation of workers. The maximization of profit - as opposed to the maximization of human potential or wellbeing - is the key driver of the economy under capitalism.


create, uphold, and reinforce oppression and exploitation. We analyze the human rights violations inherent in U.S. laws and policies; how immigration and criminal laws exacerbate racial disparities; how these laws are used as tools of state repression during crises of capitalism; and how a profit-based system leads to the dispossession of working-class people and people of color.

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